Dr Armaity Desai
Founder member of IAPA, Vice Principal of College of Social Work. Nirmala Niketan, Director of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Chairperson University Grants Commission. Pioneer in professionling adoption practices. Luminary in field of social work education.

Ms. Mehboob Nasullah
Eminent social Worker, former Sheriff off Mumbai.

Mr Bal Mundkur
Adoptive parent, well know figure in field of advertising, contributed extensively towards promoting the cause of adoption.

Mrs. Sudha Kini
Founder member, adoptive parent. Continues to be actively involved with the organization particularly in the area of promotion and publicity.

Dr. Minakshi Apte
Ex faculty of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Head of Department of Family and Child Welfare. Has done commendable work for Women in difficult circumstances.

Dr. Nilima Mehta
Well-known social work educator and author, chairperson of the Child Welfare Committee, has made significant contribution in the formulation of Policies and Guidelines, governing Adoption in India.
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