Flying High
Flying High is an unique attempt that seeks to promote emotional and social competence of socially disadvantaged school children in Mumbai. IAPA joined this Pilot Project of the Bombay Community Public Trust (BCPT), in partnership with 'Komal Sparsh' and 'Muskaan', the two  organizations working in the area of Mental Health.

Simultaneously implemented by these three organizations for a period of three years, the project will cover students from standard Vth to VIIth, in eight schools, located in three Municipal Wards D, H/W, R/N. The three pronged programme imparts life skills to the students, sensitizes teachers and parents to issues related to mental health of children, and provides a platform for sensitizing the community to the mental health issues.

Asmita– Promoting Self Respect
The project ‘Asmita’, launched in July 2009 takes over from the 'Jigisha' project which IAPA had collaborated with for the past 3 years. The 'Jigisha' project for the disadvantaged students of the schools in the Khetwadi area had demonstrated remarkable results in developing the students' confidence, discipline, and a sense of belonging in addition to significant academic progress.

IAPA took up the project independently when 'Jigisha' moved its operations to the suburbs. Offered to students of Std. II to VII of the West Khetwadi Municipal School, it serves to strengthen their competence in English and Maths, while enriching their creative potential and personality through lessons in Dance, Yoga, Computers and handicrafts.

Addressing Nutritional Needs
Malnutrition and insufficient food can severely compromise young children's ability to concentrate and sustain interest in learning. This seemed to be happening at the school, the 'Keshavrao Kadam Marg' Municipal School where a large number of students come from pavement dwelling families. Since the begining of this year, IAPA extended its Mid-day nutritive snacks programme to students of this school.

Supported by the Terre des Homes (TdH), Denmark, IAPA's nutrition programme, since early nineties, have shown significant result in improving school attendance and health condition of the students at the schools covered earlier.

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