> Commencement
• Promotoin of a positive climate for adoption by creating awareness.
• Lobby for a common adoption law.

> Adoption Placement services and
> Lobbying for Adoption of Children's Bill 1972 enactment:

• Initiated direct adoption placement service and professionalized the adoption process.
• A memorandum prepared along with other NGOs and the legal fraternity, submitted to the Joint Select Committee of Parliament and presented facts before the Committee. The Bill was withdrawn subsequently, in 1978.

> Lobbying for Adoption of Children's Bill 1980 enactment,
> Initiation of Foster Family Care services for children awaiting adoption.
> Formation of Voluntary Co-ordinating Agency (VCA)
> Publicity through Cinema

• Met the then Prime Minister to lobby for enactment of the Bill in 1981.
• In place of the common practice of child care in institutional settings, Foster Family Care programme was initiated in 1981, to provide personalized care to the child awaiting adoption..
• To ensure that every child has the opportunity to be considered for placement within an Indian family, before intercountry placement, VCA was conceived to co-ordinate placement activity of the adoption placement agencies in Mumbai. This initiative subsequently received endorsement from the Bombay High Court in 1983.
• A slide promoting Indian adoption exhibited in 6 theaters in Mumbai and one minute film shown at 26 cinema houses in Mumbai, Banglore and Baroda between 1977 to 1981.

> Focused publicity campaign for adoption in some rural areas & in Mumbai, under sponsorship of UNICEF.
> Setting up of a IAPA Chapter in Nagpur, registered as "Vardaan".
> Serving on the Task Force of the GOI for formulation of Adoption Guidelines.

• Aimed at dispelling the prevailing misconceptions about adoption, the publicity campaign was carried out in Kolhapur Ratnagiri, Mumbai as well as in Goa and Orissa. Print material was prepared and published. This included a 'Manual on Adoption',in1989, an audio visual, Posters and leaflets in four languages, and a six monthly News Letter.
• Socially active local leaders were mobilized to set up adoption service in Nagpur to cover the Vidarbha region. Participated as an expert invitee on the Task Force for recommendations on the Draft Revised Guidelines on adoption.

> National Conference on Adoption.
> Amendment of the IAPA Constitution.
> Publications.
> Establishment of the Marathawada Chapter of IAPA 'Sakar' at Aurangabad.

• Based on a country wide survey, a National Conference on Adoption was organized by IAPA in Sept. 1993 to review the current status on adoption. It was supported by the Social Welfare Ministry - GOI, and UNICEF.
• IAPA Constitution was amended to expand the scope to other family based child welfare services.
• Publications: 'Your Story', a pictorial book to convey the fact of adoption to an adopted child and Proceedings of the National Conference.
• Expansion of adoption services in the Marathwada Region.

> The Silver Jubilee Celebration with expansion of the IAPA mandate.
> 'Special Bill on Child Adoption' at the State level.
> Starting the 'Bal Sangopan Yojana' scheme of the Maharashtra State Government.
> Starting Sponsorship programme.
> Launching of Adoption Awareness Week.
> Publicity.

• Launched a programme to support education and development of children in a Municipal school through sponsorship programmes. Extended subsequently to 13 schools in the "D" Ward of BMC.
• Served on the Expert Group for formulation of Bal Sangopan Yojana (family support scheme of the Maharashtra State), and undertook implementation of the scheme.
• A draft of the 'Special Bill on Child Adoption' for enactment by the State legislature of Maharashtra was presented to the then Chief Minister of Maharahtra and lobbied for in Mumbai, along with 35 other child welfare agencies.
• An Adoption Awareness Week was initiated to coincide with the Children"s Day. Endorsed subsequently by GOI (Central Adoption Resource Agency - CARA), it has become a yearly feature, all over the country.

> Counselling Bureau.
> National Initiative for Child Adoption.

• A Counselling facility was set up to offer post adoption counseling to adoptive families experiencing adjustment problems.
• A revised second edition of the 'Manual on Adoption' was published to update the contents.
• IAPA was entrusted by CARA with the task of organizing training workshops for capacity building in adoption, in the West Zone of the country.

> Child Guidance Centre.
> Value Education Programme.
> Mental Health Sensitization Campaign.
> Rural Sponsorship Project.
> Life Skill Programme.

• An in-house facility of a Child Guidance Centre was started to meet the psychological and psychiatric needs of the children and families.
• Value Education programme started in 1 school, and extended to 3 schools in the low income area of South Mumbai.
• Teachers working with children from poverty-ridden families often find it difficult to be effective due to a gap in understanding of the child's mental and emotional state of mind. The project aims at sensitizing them to recognize and cope with the needs of these children.
• The rural sponsorship project enables children in five remote villages in a District of the State, to pursue secondary school education. A common school set up was established through local efforts.
• Life Skill education reaches out to adolescent girls and boys with vocational guidance and skills training programmes.
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