Marking Completion of a Decade of the
Sponsorship Programme of IAPA


On 18th and 19th October 2005, a team of visitors from Terre des Hommes (TdH), Denmark and members of IAPA felicitated the students who have completed high school -S.S.C.- in 2005, in the remote villages in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. Attended by residents of the 5 villages, school children and teachers, the function, in the village Terewayangani was an occasion of great significance for all. On the 20th October 2005 a similar function was also held in Mumbai to felicitate students from the urban slum locality.

The Educational Sponsorship Programme of IAPA to facilitate and promote education of the disadvantaged kids from the urban slum has been growing over the decade and is now extended from the year 2004 to a rural area. It opens up opportunities for these children to a place in a vocational and a career stream.


The dreams of the youngsters belonging to the underprivileged sections of a society are sometime made up of the objects that are ordinary for the youth placed in life otherwise. High school education occupies a place in the dreams of the young boys and girls in the remote villages around Tere wayangani.. They have had access to education in their vicinity, only up to upper primary standard, (Class VII) in the government run schools, till recently.

IAPA, in collaboration with the TdH has reached out to the students of the Kamlakar Javkar High School in Tere wayangani that the local residents had put together by mobilizing meager resources of their own. Young girls and boys of the 5 villages around persist there to finish high school despite having to trek the distances to the school on foot, and make do with the minimal amenities and conveniences.

For the village folks and for all the visitors, particularly from the far off land, there was a feeling of solidarity, forged by the mutually felt joy at the outcome of their partnership. It indeed was a novel experience for the TdH team to see the students squatting on the floor answering their terminal exam papers that day. Funds for a proper building for the school, furniture, including benches are on the next wish-list, while a science lab has just been equipped. The sponsorship programme at this time seeks to ease the rigors of the students by supplying hot meal a day, school accessories and an interface between the parents-teachers and the well wishers in the advisory body set up in Mumbai.


Felicitation of the students who have fared remarkably well in academics and in extra curricular fields was the highlight of another function held on 20th Oct. 2005. At the schools in the 'D' ward of the Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) more than 600 students from disadvantaged homes receive sponsorship support. The TdH group is an enthusiastic supporter, along with several other individuals and entities that support this programme.

A number of achievers were the presence of a hall full of school children, officials of the BMC educational department, teachers and the visitors from TdH, Three of them spontaneously got up to speak. Among them were Ms. Anita Ghuge, a student pursuing science in the college, Mr. Sunil Avhad, 2nd year Electronic & Telecommunications student and Ms.Vimal Shirke in the 1st year of a Nursing career.

"Nursing course was a secret, distant dream of mine" said Vimal. She said that she had been inspired during the school years by sponsorship programme to forge ahead. Beyond school though, she had thought her hurdles ahead were insurmountable, as, the family held strong views against educating girls beyond her age. Thanks to the trust and confidence that IAPA have created in the community, the family was won over for her to proceed.

The School children in the audience cheered and gustily applauded each of the several high achievers. There was little doubt that dreams were taking shape in the tender minds of quite a few in the audience, like it has been at the functions held every year to acknowledge the achievers.
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